Wilderness Camp, Robotics Camp & Code Warriors Camp!

At the Hi-Ed we kicked off the summer with our summer camps! Campers enjoyed learning about the wilderness, robots, and computer programming!

In Lego Robotics Camp, campers spent the week building and programming LEGO® Mindstorms® Robotics Kits in teams of 2. They were taught the basics of machine programming and took a field trip to see robots in action at Betts Industries Inc. At the week’s conclusion, parents and families were invited to see the teams battle against other teams in a race to the finish line!

In Code Warriors Camp, campers got to dissect technology to figure out how it all worked. They were taught how to make animations and short games, while exploring a variety of websites that teach coding skills at all levels.

In Wilderness Camp, campers got to experience fishing, hiking, hunter safety, plant identification and animal identification. They were taught how to navigate their way through the wilderness through orienteering – the art of map and compass reading to find their way around. They took a field trip to Rim Rock and to the DCNR cornplanter district office!

We look forward to our Summer Camps next year!

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