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The first step to getting your high school equivalency diploma is learning the material. With our GED prep classes, you’ll be taught the four subjects of the GED: Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and Math. Our teachers will also help you with study strategies to get the best result possible on your exam.

We Want You To Succeed

We offer prep classes in the morning and in the evening, to fit your schedule. The best, part, though, is that they are FREE! Yes, free! We want you to succeed, so we are doing everything we can to help you get your equivalency diploma!

Why Do I Need My GED?

If you don’t have a high school diploma, or a GED, it can be extremely hard to find a job. Even if you have a job, some companies will not advance you without a diploma.  Statistics show that people with their GED or High School Diploma are 50% less likely to be unemployed, in comparison to those without it. (US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

What is the difference between the HiSet and GED?

HiSET stands for “High School Equivalency Test”. It is a test which an individual takes and, when it is passed, helps get a high school equivalency credential issued by the state.  If an individual’s scores reach the threshold for passing the HiSET test, the individual is considered a high school graduate.  There are five subtests or subjects taken in a HiSET exam:  Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts (Reading), and Language Arts (Writing).  GED (short form for General Educational Development) test is a test that provides evidence and certification that the individual has or possesses high school academic knowledge and skills in the United States or Canada.  The GED test is specially designed for high school dropouts or adults who want a certificate equivalent to a high school diploma.  The GED test checks the proficiency of individuals in four subjects. The subjects are Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts (Reading and Writing combined).

Where will the classes be held?

All classes are conveniently located at Warren Hi-Ed.  Sign up for GED Prep Classes by calling us at 814-723-3222.

How are GED Preparation Classes free?

GED Preparation Classes are provided by Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit #5

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